Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dream, Night of 19/9/08

Last night I dreamt of a women who fell into a tank of body parts in water. She struggled to get out, but because all the parts were so similar to her own, she was mistaken for parts. People grabbed and poked her from the outside because she was just the parts to them. 

Then I diagnosed a man because the blue outline of a box appeared to me that enclosed the spot of his illness. He was a wheelchair dancer. 

Then a powerful schizophrenic shape-shifter disguised as a woman's husband. I was the woman. She pulled the covers off his face to get in bed, but his face-shape was off; too long. He turned to his original form; a small rodent skull in purple gelatinous blob; and rolled violently about the room biting at her. The woman and her husband tried to throw a hammer at it, to no avail. The finally she grabbed the skull between her fingers and squeezed it out of the blob. Instantly, both forms disappeared and the non-form of an iridescent human brain appeared. It was the energy of this thing, and it was pure evil. Because it had no voice to speak, it began to write in the air with its iridescence about it's energy; the G Force; and our utter inability to understand words on the level it did, even something as simple as "yea". To it, we were pathetic. 

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digsynova3 said...

haha - New X-men much?