Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I began working in my studio yesterday, drawing mostly, and found out, it can be maddening, to work in a studio all day long; to get lost inside your own head so deep you forget most things. I am creating my own world.
I had my first meeting today with a teacher named Andres Wiecherink. He is a charming older man with a Safari-esque hat, who told me to continue making books, to start collecting images to add to my drawings, to collage almost obsessively, always adding to my reference. And so I will begin. Maybe my excessive internet research will payoff.
Above; Day 2: a photo of my studio the wall to the left will soon be overrun with images, and Day 1: first drawing, titled Contract that will hopefully find itself into some kind of bookform by the end of my stay here.
P.S. That window you see was completely covered in paint that me and my studio-mate had to chip off with the paint scrapers you use on garages. Tedious yet relaxing.

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