Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I feel like a bad person

but then read these for a moment and feel a little better.

Or at least that someone else feels the same way. 


nikkita said...

I like some of these poems, but even though it seems intentional, I don't always care for the inexact language. Or the use of single quotes when he seems afraid to admit to really feeling something. The sentiments, though, are nice, and some of the observations.

A.Martinez said...

i agree, the inexact language was originally a huge turnoff for me with his poetry, and although i appreciate it now, it still could be used less.
what i love about it is the sentiments. because as inexact as they may be, this is sometimes how we think things, or describe the way we feel. and it's quite nice to see someone taking advantage of something as simple as that, in contrast to the usual precision of poetry.
thanks for the comments!