Sunday, January 10, 2010

Excerpt from "Divide Yourself /unevenly"

Ended up being the same person just years apart.
Do these personality traits cause sameness?
Are they separate or

The literal sensation of walking backwards
gave way to a more poetic thought
of walking backwards/ But I dismiss it;
This is no metaphor.

Men. Women. Unfinished projects.

Restless intestines. It's pretty cold in here.

It's an apparatus/ to connect/
the female and male ends of the/ system/
it's a/ walk down the newly salted stair/
it's/ a/ forgetting if it was high school or college/
it's/ getting somewhere. is this me?

To momentarily divide the self: we'll take
the present moment. This is one.
Now, any speculation on previous action,
the actions this self has occurred,
two. Looking at oneself. I can see my face.
I can literally see it, just a glance
of the profile, but enough to prove that
that was me. It was me looking at me
And thus born second chances.

Photographs relate to moments.
Movements are measured in displaced time.
Reverse this.
Time displaced in measure are movements.
Cradles within houses.
Subtropic houses my father may have grown up in.
Movies. (This is it) Movies. Smells.
Smells that I cannot stand.

And this, interestingly enough (you may not find why this is case calls for "interestingly" or you may see the reason and not find it in your heart mind to agree, or you may understand and agree) this is where I began my second book. Now.

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