Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Body in Fibers

I stumbled the work of Emily Barletta online and really fell in love. I don't know/come across too many contemporary sculptors, let alone fiber artists (outside of the ones I know personally, from school) so this was a nice change.

                                                          Emily Barletta - 2008    

                                                            Padorina Cell 

All of her work is knit, some using a few different mediums, including clay, but all colorful and displaying incredible craftsmanship and control of her process. The pieces I find the most interesting are reminiscent of cellular structures within the body, or otherwise. Or some type of sea creature; vibrant, detailed and beautiful.

I both love and hate looking at them. On one hand they're pleasantly fascinating and on the other they're quite gross, producing a feeling akin to that of looking at microscopic images of a disease or cancer.
My stomach squirms.  

Check out more by Emily Barletta on her website.

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