Thursday, April 9, 2009

After (con't)

Then we began crying.
Theses tears, psychic tears,
result synaptic flood,
cannot pinpoint origin,
all encompassing,

the brain counters
through inhibition. The entire body
crying entity then desensitized receptor.

In attempt to equalize ability to weep is lost.

the ears search sensitive.
The range of audible sound,
the range of inaudible
sound and all are interruptions.

All senses require a relearning;
A laugh cracks unfocused silence.
a recognition;
Those people are laughing too loud.
and a comprehension;
How are they laughing at all?

There are three types
of dying breaths; yours
shallow half breath, body
breathing itself when the brain
stops when the heart stops.

Eyes barely open.

It is uneven breathing
uneasy. We are unaccustomed
to such strangeness, a new concentration
on our breath to vicariously
right yours.

Eyes uncloseable.

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Tyler David Sherman said...

1. I like that this is tagged "Death"
2. Have I got a marked-up copy for you...
3. Yes, I have. The answer is yes.