Monday, December 1, 2008

Just an Update

Here's another silkscreen. Like the one posted before, but this wont be going in the book, just a print on its own on a single sheet of rice paper. Sorry it's a shitty image. Book is coming along slowly but surely, finished printing half the text, but the prints take a while because of all the preparation involved.

I'm very busy lately- 12 Dec is our exhibition in Das Bilt (really amazing little space) the student run gallery of HKU, 15 Dec the final evaluation. By Friday, I also have to write a response for my theory class concerning the article Art in the Age of Biopolitics (by Boris Groys) which is actually very relevant to my work at the moment. A brief writing on my art taking the form of performance up soon.
The BFA Graduating Exhibition/Reading applications (in March and May) are due soon as well. I can't believe we already have to decide what we want, I have an idea, but it's still so early. I'll let you know soon when the date soon if you'd like to come.

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